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Fat Loss Consultations

In conjunction to personal training, I offer a face to face nutrition course in particular specialising in how to lose fat. 

Whilst I do offer online consultations over Zoom, I prefer seeing my clients in person for this service and do offer home visits. (Areas covered: Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Shorham, Southwick). 

For this service I charge a flat fee of £150 for 3 one hour consultations which is generally enough to cover the necessary information. 

The course broken down:

Consultation One:

1a) Understanding calories and learning how to  work out how many you need to be in a deficit and what size deficit is required.

2a) A detailed discussion regarding various diets and fitness/ exercise programmes. 

3a) A detailed discussion about the client's current diet, fitness and general activity levels.

Consultation Two:

2a) Fitness and activity. We devise together the most optimal way for YOU to be burning as many calories as possible each day.

2b) Nutrition. We take a deep dive into your current and preferred dietary habits and together come up with a dietary plan of action that is as close to your current eating habits as possible whilst still being in a calorie deficit.

Consultation Three:

3a) We address common issues such as lack of willpower and motivation, eating out, going on holiday, hectic work schedules, etc.

b) How to track your progress. What fluctuations on the scales may mean, body fat percentage, cardiovascular health, etc.

To start, please take the time to read my blog post below and absorb the information before contacting me. 

Once you’ve read it and are feeling super fired up and ready to take action, gimme a call, text or email and we’ll look at putting what’s written into practice 

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