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If you're an obsessive compulsive like me, then making sure you get multiple training sessions in each week (3 times minimum, 5 ideally) is a real struggle. Telling yourself you haven't the time or you're too tired are not suitable excuses- everyone has 20mins somewhere in their day and no matter how tired you are, 5 mins into a session and you'll get your second wind. Training does not need to be in a gym- most of my sessions are done at home with either of single kettlebell or just my own bodyweight. Do how do we motivate ourselves? the most effective way I've found is to immerse myself in training. I'm constantly watching videos, reading articles, listening to podcasts and taking courses. Below is a list of Internet and reading content that are a must for anyone serious about their results. Not all that's below will apply to each of you but regardless, you're time will be a lot better spent consuming this stuff than watching any old rubbish that happens to be on the TV. Enjoy! Essential reading (all available in print and to download on iTunes and Amazon) Books: Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade A no nonsense read based around how to train with zero equipment... and it's extremely entertaining! You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren Should be on everyone's bookcase! An encyclopedia of bodyweight exercises with a load of great programme ideas as well. The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatuoine Simple and Sinister by Pavel Tsatuoine These two focus specifically around strength. The NW focuses on bodyweight exercises and S and S is in regards to kettlebell training. Each of these two book only focuses on 2 exercises- the one arm press up and single leg squat and the kettlebell Swing and Turkish Get Ups. Applying the principles in these two books alone will get you superhuman strength! The Encyclopedia of Muscle by Jim Stoppani What it says. An enormous book outlining the best for traditional bodybuilding. YouTube and other Websites: No nonsense site focusing on everything from building muscle to losing fat and all in between. Functional training from one of the world's greatest trainers. His videos do have to be paid for but they really are very good indeed. YouTube channels to subscribe to: Scooby1961 (AKA Athlean X (perhaps the best of the lot for detailed instruction) Homemade Muscles (bodyweight workouts and fitness tips) Victor Costa (bodybuilding advice) Simonster (for inspiration on what can be achieved) The Red Delta Project (not for everyone but for those that like to go deep into the mind muscle mindset) Big Brandon Carter: he's a bit of a jock but his high intensity fat burning workouts are very good. Instagram: Jeff sokol (AKA sokolstrength)- for all things kettlebell related. Trx training- don't need to explain this one Doctors_plate : a former client of mine (and one of the fittest people I know). Posts her food - lots of tasty stuff that's easy to make and super healthy. Kasiafit- female bodyweight coach- can't say I'm a huge fan of workout out her way but her results speak for themselves. Thedolcediet (AKA Mike dolce): No nonsense advice from one of the best. April Buchwald- lots of great TRX exercises Strongfirst: the company I'm affiliated with. The name says it all. Stronggurlzb1- proof that strength training won't make women get bulky... just incredibly strong and lean. Content to Ignore!!!! Sixpackshortcuts (YouTube) Muscle and Fitness Magazine Vincent del monte (youtube) No1: Anyone that tells you the best way to burn fat around your midsection is to do sit ups, crunches, etc! One final note: Many people hire a PT and assume that they can just turn up to the sessions and then go about their lives as always and expect to get results. I can give you the optimum personalised workouts for your goals but that 45mins- 1hour of training will not make up for 23 hours of inactivity and bad eating habits each day. Immerse yourself with this stuff and things will happen. As the saying goes "obsessive is what lazy people use to describe the dedicated".

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